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CVC Builds Worlds First Full Submerged “Aquarium PC!

The Technicians at Caterham Valley Computers have created the world’s first fully submerged Aquarium PC. An Aquarium PC is a working computer that is submerged in an aquarium!


  • This is the first time that anyone has been able to totally submerge a working computer. Previous attempts around the world have only been able to submerge the main board and power supply. This is the first time that the whole PC including screen and boot/storage media has been successfully submerged.
  • It was created as a shop fitting and is available on display at our shop on the Godstone Road in Caterham. Alternatively, a video of the construction is freely available on – just search for “Caterham Valley Computers”.
  • Trust, an international computer components manufacturer helped fund the project by providing financial sponsorship.
  • The Aquarium components were purchased from the Aquarium department at the local garden centre firm – Knights.
  • Customers in the shop that have seen the display can not believe that it actually works. It is a particular favourite with young children who can see that it should not work.

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