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Remember to properly dispose of your old hard drives!

If you have recently purchased a new PC or laptop, you might be wondering what to do with the old one? Often if a computer is old or broken, people tend to throw it out without ever questioning what will become of their personal data. Unfortunately just deleting the data does not mean that those files are gone for good, same goes for “wiping” a hard drive.

There are easy to obtain data recovery tools that in the wrong hands can be used to reverse any deletion of user data. With this software, fraudsters actively seek out disregarded laptops and computers from skips, landfill, purchased second hand online or from charity shops to try and access private or financial information.

In reality the only surefire way to make sure none of your data can fall into unwanted hands is to physically destroy the hard drive. We recommend a large hammer!

If the hard drive is difficult to remove and you want us to destroy it for you, just drop it in.

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